Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Beach!

Tyler and I love the beach and we discovered that our girls do, too! We took our first ever vacation as a family (that wasn't a PCS) last week and had the best time. We hung out on the beach, played in the pool, rode the carousel, ate out, ordered in, napped, and just enjoyed each other.

Tyler took her on the carousel. I so enjoyed watching them come around each time and I love that he is getting to experience new things with her. Although she has always been fun, Caroline just keeps getting more and more fun!!

**Prepare for picture overload**

This year was quite different than last -- Tyler was here, I wasn't 10 months pregnant, and Caroline LOVED it! My family joined us for the second weekend of our trip and then the girls and I stayed for a few extra days with my Mom. I feel like a spoiled beach bum -- thank you, Tyler for letting me stay home with the girls and vacation with my Mom!!

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avee said...

So cute!! I love the little ruffling bathing suits. Your family is so sweet, Ginna : )