Friday, May 23, 2014

Last Day of School

I love seeing the First-day/Last-day of School comparisons. My mom took a first-day of school picture every year from kindergarten to senior year -- I know understand why she insisted on getting this done each year!

Caroline began school on September 3 and finished yesterday on May 22. Although Daddy missed both the first and last days of school this year, many things have changed over the last year.
Not only is she taller and her hair much longer and thicker, but Caroline
is 100% potty-trained
is super verbal
is inquisitive
knows her alphabet and colors
can count to ten
has masterfully transitioned to Daddy home and Daddy traveling again
loves her sister fiercely
loves "all her family"
loves to sing and dance -- particularly to the Frozen soundtrack

I have loved this year with her. Although her entire life has been one of exponential growth, this year will be hard to beat because of how much she began to learn. I am constantly amazed at how well her brain and memory work!

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Jenny @ Creatively Blooming said...

Oh my gosh - she looks so grown up compared to the first day of school! And little kid memories - gosh I swear that they remember EVERYTHING!